Subculture Theory And Social Control Theory

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This paper pays attention to the comparison of Subculture theory and Social control theory with respect to the explanation of youth crime. These theories have emerged as an important factor regarding the crime concerns of the youth; these academic theories have explained it in an effective manner.

Subculture theory and Social control theory to Youth Crime
Social Control Theory This theory is related to the explanation regarding the crime rates and the perspectives of the mind-sets. This is intended to the approaches of delinquency in theory, and with various other responses. This is linked to the sense of social learning, and to find the crime empire. This indicates the fact that the charge of the men of the law by the needs or desires is more accessible in ways. According to the social control theory, the driving force, factors and social learning, command to each teaching method that defines the approaches of the youth’s crime. Some, however, in control technology continues to dominate the restrictions on the amount of guilt. These differences explain the differences in cutting crime cheaper than others (Akers, and Sellars 2004)
Instead of describing the management reports based on the unity of technological control concepts, this has the approaches of the principal limits to the system. When an individual thinks of the direct control of the government, this is the one who takes care of the youngsters, and punish the crime. However, the main source of direct control is
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