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The Industrial Revolution happened during the late 18th century and the early 19th century, in the northern parts of the United States. It was a time when industry strived and manufacturing exploded and everything became mass produced. It was a key when it came to the war because everything was able to be mass produced and for not a lot of money. It helped society become more materialistic and able to trade easily. It caused many immigrants to think of North America as the land of opportunity and the American dream. But when the immigrants came it wasn’t what they expected. The tone and imagery of the lyrics in “Subdivisions” by Rush, lend themselves to relate to the experiences of immigrants and minorities, that came to the United States…show more content…
The song Subdivisions by Rush is based on the life of an immigrant or black in the cities of northwest America. Immigrants and blacks during the industrialization time period were thought to be inferior to whites and segregated; especially when it came to their culture. If they were to wear different clothes, or speak a different language; they were looked down upon. When describing the life of immigrants and minorities, it talks about a situation in which it was either “conform or be cast out.” It says this in the context when talking about the immigrant and minorities’ culture. It was either to change their culture to American values, by accepting American religion, and speaking American languages or to be frowned upon by society and people refuse to serve or sell them products and goods. Another example in which it talks about the immigrant’s life during the industrialization time period was when the lyric “Drawn like moths we drift into the cities.” This is implied when they had a huge immigration take over. When they all came over, because of the “American dream” and the land of opportunity. Not only that, but moths are drawn to the light and cities are always lit; so naturally they would be drawn there in packs. Which was just like the immigrants from different countries, they saw it as a beacon of

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