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Observations have been made over the past week from September 11th through September 15th on subject x and their behavior. Three periods in a day subject x was examined. At the end of the week I made conclusions on subject x on who they are as a person. Many of the same behaviors were repeated over and over giving me a clear understanding of why they do what they do. Monday September 11th, 2017 marked the start of my examination period on subject x. At eight fifty in the moring subject x walked into the classroom with hands full of schoolwork. Quietly, they moved along to their desk to sit down and start working tentatively. However when nine o'clock rolled around, subject x started talking to the people in her proximity. With a broad smile, subject x completely forgot about the handsful of school work and began making jokes out loud. The next period in the day was at ten fifteen, where subject a was put into a group of three other people to work on a lab. Confused and frustrated, subject x asked their group how to answer the questions given. After multiple tries and no acceptable response was given to subject x, they became very impatient. As time past without the answer subject x was looking for, they started yelling at their group members to give them helpful…show more content…
Many of the behaviors were being repeated such as walking into class with full hands which made me think that subject x has a very busy life. Subject x has the ability to be very focused and tentative however is easily distracted. Another conclusion I came to is that subject x is very picky with their work and wants things done right. Yet subject x has a lighthearted side and can make best out of situations by making other people laugh with their jokes.FInally I came to the conclusion based off my observations that subject x is determined to work but can make the best out of situations and bring others up around

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