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1. SUBJECTIVE WELL BEING Subjective Well Being has three components viz. Satisfaction with Life, Positive Affect and Negative Affect. Satisfaction with Life was measured using Satisfaction with Life Scale developed by Diener et al. (1985). Positive Affect and Negative Affect were measured by using Positive Affect and Negative Affect Schedule developed by Watson et al. (1988). SATISFACTION WITH LIFE SCALE (DIENER et al., 1985) Satisfaction with life scale was developed by Diener et al. (1985).It is a five item scale that is designed around the idea that one must ask subjects for an overall judgment of their life in order to measure the concept of life satisfaction. The items of the scale are global rather than specific in nature allowing respondents to weigh domains of their lives in terms of their own values in arriving at global judgment of life satisfaction.…show more content…
The Life Orientation Test-R consists of 10 coded items, 3 statements described in a positive manner, 3 statements described in a negative manner, and 4 non-scored items. Subjects responded to the statements by indicating the extent of their agreement along a 5-point Likert scale, ranging from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree." The Life Orientation Test–Revised measures optimism and contains 6 items. Item ratings are summed up to yield a total score that ranges from 6 to 30 (higher scores indicate greater optimism, and lower scores indicate greater pessimism). Sample questionnaire items were as follows: “In unclear times, I usually expect the best”; “If something can go wrong for me, it will.” The internal reliability (Cronbach'a alpha=.78) and test-retest reliability (r=.68 over a four-week interval, r=.60 over twelve months, r=.56 over twenty-four months, and r =.79 over twenty-eight months) for the unidimensional use of the Life Orientation Test-R has been shown to be

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