Subjectivity And Objectivity In Anthropology

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Name: Hema Ramrattan
ID#: 813001958
SOCI 1006: Introduction to Anthropology
Course work # 1: Essay
Topic: As an Anthropologist, what is the difference between subjectivity and objectivity? Please discuss.
Lecturer: Dr Dylan Kerrigan

In anthropology or other social sciences , the common terms that are involved in research are referred to as subjectivity and objectivity. It must be mentioned that the basis of subjectivity and objectivity have been questioned by many. The concept of subjectivity can be referred to as the personal opinions and feelings of how someone’s judgment is shaped instead of outside influences, whereas objectivity is related to the concept of ‘truth’, meaning that there is a lack of bias, judgement or prejudice involved in the process. Therefore, the aim of this essay seeks to discuss the difference between subjectivity and objectivity, as an anthropologist.
In research, as an anthropologist, subjectivity mainly refers to an individual 's opinions, judgements, emotions, beliefs and even assumptions. This means that it is based upon an individual 's influences or perceptions of a particular interest, within society. A society involves a specific culture. According to Tylor (1958) , defined culture in its broad, ethnographic sense, as “that system which includes a belief, knowledge, art, law, morals, custom, and any other experiences and practices as a member of society.” Therefore, culture can also
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