Subjectivity In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury captivated our minds by showing us how important literature is. Literature stretches our minds and provokes thought within us. In Fahrenheit 451, Professor Faber mentions three things that apply to books but also to our lives. These three things being quality, leisure, and the right to carry out actions from what we learn. While these things are related to books, they should be in our life as well. When one thinks of leisure they may think of a pastime such as taking a walk, go fishing, or go to a museum. When Faber points out leisure he does not mean free time, he means analyzing and taking in what’s going on in our lives. It’s important to do this because we should learn from the things in our lives. When we are constantly distracted by work, stress, social media, and the demands of everyday, we miss the…show more content…
We need to feel every groove, bump and curve. We need to mourn, grieve, and rejoice. A life without all the bumps and bruises is lifeless. We need everything that life throws at us, whether we like it or not. These trials give us an opportunity to grow and transform our lives. In the same way, as Faber said, we need texture when we read a book. We need to feel the paper within our hands, the scent a book holds, and skim our fingers over the words. We need texture in our lives, just like we need it in a book. Fahrenheit 451 reminds us why it is important to include literature in our lives. Ray Bradbury reminds us that analyzing literature and our lives are important. Often we are caught up in unnecessary things we forget to really live. However, we need to remember to focus on what matters in our lives. To remember what’s really important in our lives, we must consider our lives. Leisure, quality, and texture are a necessity in a book, just like they are in our lives. Without leisure, quality, and texture, we might as well be empty corpses walking around with nowhere to
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