Subliminal Messages In Candor

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With the help of subliminal messages, everyone is perfect in the town of Candor, Florida. Everyone does what they’re told and they never break the rules. Especially the town’s founder’s son, Oscar Banks. He’s the son everyone wants: handsome, well-behaved, good at school. Most importantly, proof that the messages work. Little does everyone know, Oscar has beat the system, not only that, but he profits from it. He runs his own business “helping” kids get out of Candor- for the right price. Things are going great for Oscar. That is, until the new girl, Nia, comes along. The first night he meets her, he takes his first risk of exposure. He decides to spray paint a light pole, something a Candor kid would never do. This sends the town into a…show more content…
He breaks into Oscar’s hide out with Nia and tells her everything. Oscar tries to cover it up, but eventually breaks and tells Nia the truth. Nia, thinking Oscar made her love him, breaks up with him in a cold and harsh manner. However, that’s not enough. Nia wants vengeance. She decides to spray paint the town, leaving sayings hinting to the messages in the most public places. Mandi thinking it’s Nia, and Oscar wanting revenge on Sherman, cause both of them to get sent to the listening room. A place where Oscar’s dad fills their heads with messages, erasing all the wrong that they have committed. Every night Oscar sneaks out to watch the girl he once knew and loved, slowly disappear. One day, on a normal grocery run, he encounters a girl who seems vaguely familiar. She has light-pink lip gloss, clothes two sizes too big, and a chipper attitude. She’s the perfect Candor girl. He soon comes to the realization that it’s Nia. Except this Nia, doesn’t cut class, doesn 't wear black, and hates art. The Nia he knew is officially gone. He won’t accept it, and he will get her back. He starts with the picture she drew of him, hoping she will remember something, anything. After that doesn’t work, he moves to M&M’s, the candy she used to love. Once again it fails. His last resort is lilac, the same smell that used waft off of her. Finally, it’s a success. They now have a chance to escape
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