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Subliminal perception is defined as perceptual experiences which are triggered by sensory stimuli that are below the measured absolute threshold of conscious perception of a specific sensory organ. The word consists of two syllables: a prefix Sub-, which means below; and the root word limen (of Latin origins), which means threshold.
The study of subliminal perception has received scientific attention since the first investigations of sensory thresholds were set on. Following these studies, a natural question arose “Could stimuli below the absolute threshold be able to deliver perceptual experiences outside our conscious awareness?” This question suggests an idea similar to mind control, whose roots originate back in Greek history as the science
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There are two established methods - first introduced J. Chessman and P. Merikle in 1984 - that is used to determine that figure. The first deduce what is called the objective threshold. For example, to assess visual speed response threshold, a participant is subjected to a flash of stimulus (e.g. the word “blue”), and then asked to identify among some available answers what they saw. The objective threshold is set at the point where the outcomes of the participants’ choices reach the random chance level. This is called the forced choice procedure and is what characterizes the objective threshold method. In contrast, the second method deduces a so called subjective threshold. It is based on the participants’ self-report whether they perceived the stimulus or…show more content…
To study visual subliminal perception, participants are usually primed with specific visual stimuli, often images, the researchers then determine the responses they elicit.[1] Images could be as simple as geometric figures or complex as various human facial expressions. Large amounts of research have accumulated which demonstrate how visual cues could affect emotions [2]. But more importantly is that it also showed no clues for forcing the participants to perform any unintended act, and that the most it can do is to trigger previously intended actions. [3]

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