Submarine Warfare In Ww1 Essay

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The first world war modernized the world due to mechanization in all areas of warfare with the advancements in land, naval, and aerial warfare. During this period of World War I there was huge advancements in technology that helped soldiers that were out in battle. The Tank helped soldiers safely cross no man’s land, the creation of cars and roads helped bring supplies to soldiers on the battlefront, and the radiophone allowed military officials to safely contact one another. Even with the problems that the tank faced with slow speed and technical problems, tanks were able to crush barbed wire and cross trenches. They were also able to move forward through machine gun fire which allowed them to cross into no man's land in a way that…show more content…
New types of ships like the battleship and the aircraft carrier came to the surface along with the innovation of submarine warfare. Submarine warfare was used mainly by the Germans throughout the war and was one of the main reasons why America joined the war. They realised that with the submarines they could possibly win the war by shooting down trade boats with torpedoes. Because of this submarines were eventually banned from uses. Even though they were banned from using them Germany eventually ended up resorting back to it as a main battle tactic. According to History Learning “Unrestricted submarine warfare was a result of desperation and the belief that the ferocity of such a tactic might just keep America out of the war if the results were spectacular and shocking enough (history).” At this point Germany was already starting to see signs that they were losing the war and they knew that they would lose if the United States joined the war on the ally side so they started using the submarines to try and make sure that the United States didn’t join the war so they would have a chance of winning. Battleships were the backbone of the British royal navy. The massive amount of battleships in the British navy played a key role in World War I. During this time Britain had the largest navy in the world including thirty-five first-class battleships. Because of their advantages in numbers,
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