Subordinating Conjunction In English And English Language

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Abstract This paper aims to compare and contrast subordinating conjunction in English and Vietnamese in terms of its grammatical meaning in conversation and academic writing. Subordinating conjunctions are one of three main types of conjunctions, which play a fundamental role in maintaining a natural flow and rhythm in speaking and writing. The background information and importance of subordinating conjunctions are briefly presented in the introduction part. In order to examine the similarities and differences of subordinating conjunctions in the two languages, we attempt to study the literature review and provide a full description of their forms and functions, we involve a discussion on the implication of the paper in the aspect of pedagogy and further research. Key words: subordinating conjunctions, subordinators, grammatical meaning, contrastive analysis. Introduction Subordinating conjunction is a grammatical device to strengthen the cohesion in writing and speaking. The unity of a good writing involves not only the connection between paragraphs, the link between sentences, but also the…show more content…
Wren and Martin (1995) also held a same view, subordinating conjunction joins a clause to another on which it depends for its full meaning. Halliday (2014) described subordinating conjunction as a device for hypotactic enhancement, which strengthen the dependent relation of clauses. In Vietnamese, Diep and Hoang (2009) suggested that subordinating conjunction is the conjunction standing before the subordinating clause which bears a relation with the main clause in sentence level. It can be called in Vietnamese as “hư từ”, which is not supposed to be “no meaning” (Cao, 2001). Though subordinating conjunction has no denotative meaning (Lê Biên, 1999), Cao (2001) notes that it still carries fully grammatical

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