Design Exercise: Subsea Pipeline Design

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Individual Design Exercise: Subsea Pipeline Design Susana Torres Escandell Student ID 51552536 Aberdeen, 23st of March 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 OVERVIEW 3 1.1 Pipeline and Soil Data 3 1.2 Analysis of Pipeline Route 5 1.2.1 Pipeline A 5 1.2.2 Pipeline B 6 2 POSITIONING ON SEABED 7 2.1 On Bottom Stability Analysis of Pipeline B 8 3 UPHEAVAL BUCLING AND DESIGN 9 3.1 Design Process 9 3.1.1 Global buckling assessment 9 3.1.2 Check of the Pipe integrity 9 3.2 Upheaval Buckling Analysis 10 4 SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT & SUSTAINABILITY ASSESSMENT 13 4.1 Assessment of Environmental Impact & Safety 13 4.2 Decommissioning of Pipeline 13 5 CONCLUSIONS AND DESIGN RECOMENDATIONS 14 6 References 15 7 Bibliography 15 FIGURES Figure 1 - Global Buckling…show more content…
These highlighted such features as obstructions, existing pipelines and conservation areas. Taking the results of these studies into consideration the most direct pipeline route was used in order to minimize any impact on marine life. An additional reason for choosing the shortest route was to minimize the possibility of rupture which can cause severe environmental damage. Pipes were laid parallel to existing pipes if possible in order to produce less of an environmental impact and risk to other potential seabed users. Although it was preferable to avoid pipeline burial due to the length of time it can take for re-colonisation by marine species it was considered necessary to bury Pipeline A. Pipes A and B are both made of high quality corrosion resistant material, able to withstand high pressure and will be protected against upheaval buckling in order to avoid pipeline rupture which may result in oil spills. Although crossings of pipelines should be avoided if possible it was necessary in this case. Both pipes were laid as perpendicular to the existing pipe and separated by a distance mutually agreed by both pipe owners. All exclusion zones on approach to the BLP were taken into account in order to avoid damage to the pipeline or facility, or injury to
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