Subsidiarity In Social Work Essay

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Further, the principle of subsidiarity should be applied in the social work practices with the most affected members of the society. The central aspect of subsidiarity is the recognition of human dignity and every subject’s indisputable worthiness. Having this in mind, a social worker should consider his client as a human being in his totality (Petružytė, Girdzijauskienė, Gvaldaitė, 2004). If one follows this principle, he does not affect the dignity in the helping process; when the dignity is already affected or violated, he helps to restore it. Every individual feels a necessity for fulfilment and happiness – these are the main aspirations; all the rest of necessities are circumstanced by this aspiration (Vittadini, 1997). It is possible to follow the principle of subsidiarity just if a mutual link of trust is developed between the client and the social worker. This trust proceeds from reciprocal respect and the ability to recognize each other’s worth (Petružytė, Girdzijauskienė, Gvaldaitė, 2004). Thus, in the helping process the client is understood as a human being, his worthiness and dignity are recognized, stressing as well the importance of his own decisions in solving his problems. From this point of view, it is essential to recognize the client’s own capacity to solve or help to solve his problems, while the social worker has to notice and evaluate his competences and abilities to solve these…show more content…
It is not sufficient if the social worker apprehends that the person himself and his dignity are the main values. It is indispensable to engage to stimulate the security of human dignity and its maintenance. Correspondingly, the professional work of a social worker, his trust in the client and the appreciation of his efforts in the helping process can lead to a better quality of his
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