Substance Abuse And Homelessness Essay

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I reviewed an analytical study that drew conclusions between substance abuse and homelessness. The study focused on if substance abuse occurred prior to or after homelessness. It also drew conclusions about the length of time someone remained homeless and what correlation substance abuse had to the timeframe of homelessness. For those who began abusing substances after becoming homeless, the study calculated how age may have played a factor in their susceptibility to drugs. The study completed used inferential statistics because it drew relationships between variables and tested the hypothesis of if substance abuse occurred prior to or after one became homeless. The population used in the study were people with cases at agencies in Melborne…show more content…
One sampling procedure included conducting an interview with 65 people from their population, half of which had substance abuse issues, to draw conclusions about whether substance abuse was a result becoming homeless or if a person’s homelessness lead to substance abuse. The research used social selection, which analyzed the surrounding conditions for the purpose of identifying if the abuse was an issue prior to becoming homeless. The researcher’s raw data showed of the substance abusers that were also homeless 34% (656) of them abused before they became homeless, and 66% (1284) abused after becoming homeless. Additional research of the people who started abusing drugs after becoming homeless showed that 60% of them were less than 19 years old when they became homeless and 14% of them were 19 years old or older. The last of their research analyzed how long the individuals were homeless and compared the length of time they were homeless to if they abused drugs or not. Of the people who abused drugs 82% of them were homeless for 12 months or longer, whereas 50% of the non-abusers were homeless for the same timeframe. Those homeless for less than three months was 31% of individuals who did not abuse drugs, and 7% of those who

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