Substance Abuse In Canada

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Substance abuse is a major health care problem in Canada and considered a complex issue with a wide range of risk factors (name, date). Individual characteristics, interpersonal relationships, school pressures as well as various other cultural, social and environmental factors are all contributing to the prevalence of substance abuse. Among the populations, it is found that alcohol and other substance abuse rates are the highest among teenagers and young adults (name, date).

The most commonly used substance among youths is alcohol and over 40% of young people between the ages of 15 to 19 has admitted to having five or more drinks at once in the past year (name, date). Binge drinking is not a rare behavior and children as young as 12 claim
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Age and gender are both individual characteristic that are considered strong risk factors. Young males are typically known to be at greater risk of substance use (name, date). That fact, however, may be changing as recent studies conducted show that girls are beginning to catch up and are becoming more likely to binge drink and use illicit drugs (name, date). Gender not only affects the risk of substance use but also how likely individuals are to receive help afterwards. Females are less likely to seek treatment than men and several factors may be contributing to this phenomenon, including stigma – as substance abuse problems are more socially acceptable by males – and family obligations (name, date). Family as well as peer relationships tend to have an effect on youths’ risk of substance use. Positive family relationships that have good parenting practices tend to have protective effect on youths while negative relationships featuring conflicts and abuse associate with a greater risk of substance use (name, date). Youths with friends who encourage the use of alcohol and cannabis is also a risk factor as adolescence may believe by agreeing with their peers and using substances, their popularity in the group will increase (name,…show more content…
Applying this model to the problem of alcohol abuse in LGB youths, we must plan interventions to target individuals’ belief. Posters can be made regarding the harmful effects of alcohol abuse and list groups that are at risk to increase awareness and understanding. Positive consequences of quitting alcohol abuse can also be mentioned on the posters and phone numbers to local health centers should be provided so those who are curious can request further

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