Substance Abuse In Ms. Demarzo's Case

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Ms. DeMarzo is a 43-old individual, who was born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She graduated from Tottenville High School in 1990. Following her graduation she attended the College of Staten Island but did not graduate, she went to work. Ms. DeMarzo reported that she currently works as a paraprofessional for the NYC board of education. The mother reported that she has two sisters with who she is close to. She indicated that her parents are alive and together. She indicated that she experienced no abuse as a child. She did not experience any traumatic events as a child. She reported she was an average student with no behavioral issues. She stated no mental health treatment as a child. She reported no history of psychiatric issues or medical problems.…show more content…
She reported no history of alcohol abuse. She stated that she drinks minimally only socially. Ms. DeMarzo stated that she has never been arrested. She reported that the both parents have Order of Protections against each other, both in criminal and family court. She indicated that the family has had several Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) investigations over the last year which have been unfounded. Ms. DeMarzo reported no previous marriages or other children. She indicated that she is currently living in Staten Island, NY with her children in marital

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