Substance Abuse In My Family

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In my family no one seems to have any drinking issues with alcohol, after separating ourselves from the rest of our family. Our big family in Mexico all throw parties and they all get wasted as a result, but since everyone does it no one thinks of it as an issue. Three people in my immediate family have had pasted issues with alcohol that they have recovered from or are still in recovery. These three have had strong influence by other family members to drink or to not drink anymore and I found that they influenced me as well on my relationship with alcohol. My grandmother, who is now a strong Christian women who takes care of kids and goes to church every weekend; my sister who is in recovery from her alcoholism and struggles with depression and anxiety now; and finally my brother who never seemed to have an issue with…show more content…
If you look at Rosa, my grandmother, right now you’d never believe she was an alcoholic. Rosa is well respected in her church, she babysits children to help her family and friends, and she never talks about her pasted. When Rosa used to live in Mexico with her abusive husband she drank all the time and so did her husband. My mom recalls the time they were both so drunk that my grandma yelled at him and he hit her so hard that the head started bleeding. That’s when Rosa decided to leave to America and take her kids with her, after she arrived she decided to stop cold turkey and she never drank again. My mother never really drank much because of her mom and sisters both having problems with alcohol, but she ended up having a horrible husband as well. While still in Mexico my mother had two children with a man called Pedro, he was just as
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