Substance Abuse In Shelley Noble's Forever Beach

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After the court grants Carmen unsupervised visits with Leila, Leila returns home with bruises on her arms and has a very strong odor on her clothes. In Forever Beach by Shelley Noble, Carmen had her parental rights terminated after repetitive drug abuse charges. She claims to feel compunction for her actions but once she gets periodic time with Leila, it all goes back to the same actions with drugs. It was getting so bad that Leila would be coming home with bruises on her arms because Carmen did not care about Leila, she cared about drugs. The title is fitting for the story for 3 important reasons, throughout the book Sarah calls Leila her forever girl, the beach is where all the families gather to have a good time, and it is where Leila felt…show more content…
Wyatt was reassured that Leila had accepted him into her life when she asked: ‘’Are you going to be my forever…Wyatt?’ Leila asked. Wyatt broke into a wide grin. ‘You betcha, I’m your forever, ever Wyatt’ and they took of towards the ocean” (Noble 403). This quote is not irrelevant to Wyatt because before this moment Leila was afraid of him and this meant the world to him. Wyatt will never forget the beach, and he will definitely not forget the smile he had from ear to ear ☺ (Hyperbole), that is why it is a great word to put into the title. Shelley Noble uses the two most powerful words for the title that mean the world to Wyatt and he sure will never forget the words ‘forever beach.’ The title in this book was an amazing fit for the story in general. The author used only two words, but the words had such meaning to the story that is all she needed to write. Sarah and Leila are going to be together forever, they can go to the beach with other families and be free, and Wyatt is in Leila’s life forever now because of the beach scene ☺ (Full Circle Ending). That will always be their family forever
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