Lgbt Reflection Paper

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Research Research today highlights some of these very issues identified by Chris and Chris. Statistics indicate LGBT individuals have higher percentages of drug and alcohol abuse, are ate greater risk for depression and suicidal ideation, and identity crises. “Conversations taking place in today’s therapy offices reflect the change. Although many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people still bring issues of discrimination and fear of rejection to their psychologists’ offices, they are just a likely to discuss such mainstream issues as parents and fears about aging” (DeAngelis, 2002).
Substance Abuse
“Studies suggest that up to 33% of the LGBTQI population have difficulty controlling their drug or alcohol use, compared to 3-10% of the heterosexual population” (Leible, 2012). Like Chris and Chris, the entire community of LGBT have an increased risk of drug and alcohol
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She reiterated some of the same issues that we in mainstream, heterosexual society have also struggled with when discussion or having a conversation with members of the LGBT community. “Which pronouns do we use with one another. Such as, I am a woman, I look like and identify as a woman, please use she/her when referring to me. As opposed to: I am a woman, I dress and identify as a man, please use he/him when addressing me.” This identity struggle within the LGBTQI community lends itself to a higher risk for suicide for its members. The higher risk may be the result of a lack of peer support, the harassment, and mental health conditions leading to a higher rate of substance abuse issues. “For LGBTQI people aged 10-24, suicide is one of the leading causes of death. LGBT youth are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide. Questioning youth are 3 times more likely attempt suicide” (Inside/Out Youth Services,
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