Substance Abuse Social Work Study

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Substance Abuse among Adolescents: A Social Work Study in Vijayapur city Introduction: Substance abuse is becoming alarming problem in across the world. With reference to India, substance abuse has been historically seen (Beauvais F, 1992). It is a growing problem in India (Saxena V, et al; 2010). Though we are developing rapidly the society is facing myriad of problems such as; HIV/AIDS, sanitation problems, environment pollution, increasing slums, street children, substance abuse, etc. World health organization (1992) found that large numbers of push factors are causing to the increasing incidence of substances. Substance use and abuse is found among all the age groups especially in children, adolescents and youths. The problem of substance…show more content…
Hence, there is a need to conduct a research study. In this context social work professionals are having more responsibilities on their shoulders. Because in many cases social workers may be the first service providers and to contact with substance abusers through major service delivery systems such as child welfare, family service, employee assistance, schools, programs for the community based multiservice centers. Social workers also serve in key assessment and referral roles in many health and mental health settings. Evidence indicates that, historically, social workers have little training with regards to substance abuse in degree programs. Einsein and wolfson (1970) revealed that only 7 percent of the undergraduate social work programs included training in the treatment of alcoholism (Hall M, 2000). Burke (1997) reveals that a research says that social work education and training social workers have much to contribute to substance abuse practice with clients who face multiple emotional, families, interpersonal, and environmental…show more content…
It would develop an intervention module for the rehabilitation of them. This understanding would help the development practitioners working with the children to deal with the issues of substance abuse. It would also benefit the government and non-governmental organisations intended to work on such groups. Statement of the problem: Children are the future of the nation and they are the pillars of it. Without them society cannot move forward. If these children are going to addict substances then that will spoil their future. There are many children who are using substances ad they face problems like: addiction, violence, child labour etc. substance abuse is making children to face various problems like socio-psychological, physical and health consequences. Research Questions: The following questions will stand as a guide: • What are the life experiences of the substance abused adolescents in Vijayapur

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