Substance Abuse: The Case Of Millar Vs. Hopkins

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• On the 1st of June, 2010, an awful attack occurred in a Bayswater petrol station as Nicole Millar and her boyfriend David Hopkins were refuelling Millar’s car. Hopkins turned the nozzle towards Millar, dousing her in petrol, before stabbing her in the neck and setting her alight. 90% of Millar’s body was burnt as Hopkins refused her assistance as he screamed “burn, bitch burn” at her body covered in flames. Unfortunately, the mother of 3 passed away only 9 hours later in an induced coma.
• The competing interests were the effects of a trial on both the community and the family of Millar. These factors raised a debate within the justice system as to whether a trial should be held. Hopkins’ history of drug abuse was also taken into play as
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