Substitute Decision-Making Case Study

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When the health care provider decide that the patient will not improve and there are no brain activities. Since her husband and her father are there, the hospital should listen to them to suspend the life support. But in this case husband want to discontinue the treatment, father want to continue the treatment, doctor does not have hope and they do not know what patient would want. In this situation, this case should be referred to the court. Court should make the decision protecting patient right, understanding their relative feelings, hospital ethical committee with doctors’ advice. It is always possible to apply to a court for an order by the hospital to show cause as to why a specific treatment should not be instituted and Substitute decision-making document is not submitted (Johnson, 2011).
How to prevent this painful scenario
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But painful scenario like this where patient cannot make decision. They would have filled substitute decision making document that allows capacitated patient to appoint a person on his or her place in making healthcare decision if the patient become incapacitated. Depending upon the state law designation may take proxy form, surrogate power of attorney, health care agent and allows physician to constant the decision with surrogate and implement the treatment decision (Johnson,

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