Subway Advert Analysis

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Why is money the end goal? Why is it that, money is on the minds of all? Is money that important? It’s just paper in my opinion; but many would disagree with me. Big business and corporations would pick a fight with me. Money to them is the end goal, the only goal. “Brands now play well-defined and well-integrated roles” (Balasubramanian 115).They are the cat and we are the mouse. They will hunt us down, and eat us alive. They use tactics such as deception, false advertisement, photoshop, and the list goes on to trap us. In this day and age, no one is safe from advertisement. We see it with our eyes, we hear it with our ears, we touch it with our fingers, we can taste it with our tongue, and smell it through our noses. Human beings are creatures of desire. We yearn for what we cannot have and despise it when we do. It’s a consent…show more content…
Subways’ advert employs three of the 15 Basic Appeals. To start off, the imagery of the advert reflects Appeal #13 Aesthetic Sensations Need. The image of the sandwich is a phenomenon, its too perfect to be real. It is aesthetically pleasing; causes one’s tummy to rumble and mouth to drool at the site of it. Secondly, the ad exhibits Appeal # 15 Psychological Needs. The emotional need of hungry is being displayed in the imagery. The bread is cut evenly in the center to perfection, it is a golden brown in tone, and soft as a cloud. The meat is placed exquisley on a bed of fresh vegetables; the vegetables appear hand picked that morning. Also, the sandwich is placed front and centered to display significance; while the soda cup and chips are placed out of focus so the sandwich doesn’t lose value. Lastly, the meal is placed on top of a tray with unbelievable perfect crease free paper underneath it. Thirdly, the ad exhibits Appeal # 14 Need to Satisfy Curiosity. A consumer is left with the wondering question of, how will it taste? This lingering thought will drive a consumer’s sense of hungry and cause them a desire to purchase the

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