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2.0 History of Subway 2.1 Subway’s company profile During the summer of 1965, this story was start in Bridgeport, Connecticut of USA. Fred DeLuca was an ambitious 17 year old high school graduate student. He was planning to begin his university life. Therefore, he was looking for a way to find a job to earn enough money for paying his university tuition fee. After that, his solution came during a conversation with a family friend by Dr. Peter Buck within a BBQ restaurant. Dr. Buck suggested to Fred which he open a submarine sandwich shop that having seen a sandwich shop in his hometown become a huge success. Over the discussion, Fred DeLuca starts up a $1,000 loan and drew up a business plan from Dr. Buck. During August 1965, they became…show more content…
As for the third store, it was gaining more popularity and at the same the business was earning and doing well as well and later on the partners tried to emphasize more positive numerology to their corporate marketing campaigns to upgrade the business. As the times goes by, both of them thought that the name of the store which Pete’s Super Submarines sounded more like pizza marine therefore they came out with a modern name called Subway and changed the name to Subway. Moreover, the company has about 16 stores in Connecticut and it was also their first time in franchising to promote their business’s brand name due to their business goal where their wanted to open about 32 submarine stores according to their initial business plan. Besides that, the partners had reached about 10 years of their confederation in 1974 and Mr. DeLuca believed that by doing franchising it will help to promote their business therefore he had convinced his friend who is Brian Dixon to be their first franchiser to promote their company brand name. After that, they opened a new store in Wallingford, Connecticut and the first franchise was started in the year of 1974 as

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