Subway Target Market Essay

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The age group of consumers that Subway is targeting are those people who are aware of calories and health. Therefore, the age of 18-39 is the most attractive market segment for Subway as there are a lot of fitness freak girls and boys who are concerned about the physical appearance and carbs.
The core customers of Subway are aged between 18-39 years old and they are identified to be more conscious about their health and food consumption pattern. Therefore, by positioning themselves as a healthy fast food restaurant, it creates a psychological standpoint in the mind of consumers. Therefore, when consumers are purchasing and consuming Subway sandwiches, consumers psychologically feel healthier.
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Despite that, Subway mainly target young people in 16 to 30 age range. Subway define its target market as “Demanding Young People Who Know Their Own Minds”. In another words, it mean the young people who prefer to consume nutrition food on contrary to high calorie foods, such as pizza, burger and fries. These people wants to be accepted by others as they are and would not be influenced by others’ opinion, want to live their life with novelty and change, willing to try different products, choose to live in the present with glee, as well as, to be organised in…show more content…
Subway is aware of its target market population’s irregular food habit and majority do not like to opt for variety of food choices, as these customers prefer to choose what they want. Subway prepare its sandwiches as per customer’s preferences, in front of them according to their choice. Subway is practising the choice of “point to order”, which customers will get what they want with their selection. It is the exact opposite way of delivering service when compared to its competitors, such as, KFC, Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, and so

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