Success And Academic Success

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My plan to achieve academic success

To achieve academic success is to make sure I get everything done on time, and manage to complete high school. I believe academic success is important because of all the opportunities it offers in the future. If you can succeed in schooling there is a better chance of doing well in life. This can be achieved numerous ways whether it be through intense studying, making sure I get all my stuff turned in on time, making sure im satisfied with my work, and whether I am able to get all the knowledge to get out of highschool and go to college. Studying is an important part of doing well in school because of how it gets me through tests, homework, or class assignments. When I am taking a test, I usually have to remember multiple things and I notice that when I study really well for that test, I do much better. It would make sense; if you study for something, then you will do better. For me, if I study before a test then I will retain the knowledge better than if I were to study in class right after the notes. I can use my homework to study, and if I complete it, then it will give me a better understanding of what I am doing. For example, if I were to do my math homework, and make sure I knew I could do it well, then I will normally do better on the tests. In class assignments also pertain, because this is the time when I can ask a teacher for help to make sure I know the curriculum. Using this will help me to have a better success in my

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