Success And Reasons: The Success Of The Roman Empire

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What is success? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose.’ What exactly was the purpose of the Roman Empire then? Did they aspire to conquer as much as humanly possible? Or did they genuinely want to create a thriving community wherever they went? It’s not possible for us to know, but there are multiple historical sources that suggest the Romans genuinely tried to bring life to the multiple areas they rose above. The Roman Empire was a good example of an immensely successful empire.

The Romans were extremely skillful when it came to conquering places. They were not only conquerors, but rulers. They could manage the people and taught them their methods of civilisation. In the Roman Republic, governors were assigned to each small area the Romans conquered. A great example of this is in the Bible. Matthew 27:21-26, in this scene, the governor of the area asked for the people’s will. He then executes what they asked for. That was a skill that the Roman Empire taught all their governors, to keep the people happy. Whichever prisoner the people chose would end up dying either way. The Roman Laws were one of their most important innovations, with laws, the Romans managed to shape every place they conquered to their rules (Roman Law). That is a skill of how you rule a place after you conquer it. It lets the local people think that the Roman’s are following their will and helping them, when either way both of them will have died. As well as
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