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October Sky - Success A. October sky is a movie instructed by Joe Johnston in 1999 and is based on the autobiography Rocket boys by Homer Hickam. The movie starts in 1957, where the Soviet Union just successfully launched the space rocket Sputnik. The movie is about Homer Hickam, who lived in Coalwood, West Virginia. The town Coalwood’s mainly purpose was mining coal and Homer’s dad, John Hickam’s mining company, owned everything in the town. Homer’s dad loved to mine and wanted his sons, to also work in the mines. John’s other son, Jim was good to football, and it was clear, that he would receive a scholarship to a college, which he did. Homer also wanted to go to college, but he wasn’t good at sports. In October, he watched Sputnik orbit across the sky, and then wanted to build his own rocket. His teacher Miss Riley supported him a lot and gave Homer the idea to attend the national science fair. He and his friends Quentin Wilson,…show more content…
When you succeed at something, you keep getting the feeling of success, which in my opinion is the best feeling in the world. Schwarznegger also means, that the key to success is, being cold and hide your feeling. In my opinion you don’t necessarily have to be cold and hold your feelings down. In some cases this statement is right, but not in every case. An example is, when you are a boxer and have to train every day. If you in this case don’t hide your feelings, you could go insane, but in other cases like in politics, you need to show, that you have a heart. Both Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson mean, that the way to get successful is, to do something you like and follow your dreams. They mean that you shouldn’t be scared to follow your dreams and “just do it”. Richard Branson also says, that you shouldn’t just do things in the sake of money. If you just think about making money, you’re not happy, ergo you’re not successful. Money will always come

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