Long Walk To Water Philosophy

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Everybody has something they want to accomplish, however life doesn’t give things for free; goals are accomplished through hard work and determination. Every living being in the world would be able to relate to pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones to reach something. Everyone wants to reach a goal, and the book shows that success is only given to those willing to give everything they have. This text directly supports this philosophy. In the book ‘A Long Walk to Water’, Salva faces a myriad of different roadblocks in between him and his goal, and this story shows his hard work that got him to a better life. First, Salva must cross the massive Nile river and the sweltering Akobo desert to survive. Second, around halfway through Salva’s long journey, his Uncle tries to motivate him and keep him going, even when he feels as though he can’t continue. Finally, Salva must learn to stand alone without anyone by his side …show more content…

Around halfway through the journey across the desert, Salva was ravenous for any form of food or water, and he was languishing in the torrid conditions. His Uncle Jewir recognized the state that he was in, and there was a moment in the book where he tried to get him to continue. ‘“Do you see that group of bushes?” Uncle said, pointing. “You only need to walk as far as those bushes. Can you do that, Salva Mawien Dut Ariik?”’. In this quote, the author uses simple but strong dialogue to show that Salva’s uncle is trying to instill a lesson into him. His Uncle kept on pointing at different things in the desert, and he got Salva to concentrate on just reaching it. The first time he told him to do this, it was clearly an uphill battle for him, but Salva gradually progressed. By repeating this, Salva learned no challenge was too great to overcome, and success required small steps and determination. This idea of perseverance until the end solidifies the theme of the

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