Success And Success: The Success Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution at the end of the 18th century was a major event in history, and there are differing opinions on whether or not the revolution was successful. I believe that the French Revolution was successful because the goals of the revolution were achieved: a representative government was established, equality between the Three Estates was increased, and the country as well as the lives of its people were improved. Success can have many definitions, but I would define it as achieving one’s goals. Since this happened in the French Revolution, I believe that it was successful. One of the main goals of the French Revolution was to abolish the absolute monarchy in France and establish a constitutional monarchy, and this goal was achieved through the Constitution of 1791. This constitution, among other things, stated that a constitutional monarchy should be put into place and the old government- an absolute monarchy- should no longer exist (World History for Us All). This was very important because it got rid of the absolute monarchy, which had caused problems for France in the past. The revolutionaries achieved the primary social goal of the French Revolution, which was to gain equality for the Third Estate in France and to end the exemption of the upper two estates from paying taxes. In the Old Regime, the upper two estates- the clergy and the nobility- had power over the Third Estate. In addition, they were exempted from paying taxes, which did not go over well
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