Success And Success: What Success Means To Success

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Success is an intimidating word to many individuals, but it is up to that person to discover what it means to them. People in this world tend to give up because once the road gets rough, they can 't see a light at the end of the tunnel. But they are wrong, once an individual is face to face with adversity, they should set a goal and do their best to achieve it at any cost. That is what success means to me, 'example ' trying your best, meeting your goals, and having no regrets are all a person needs to be successful. When I grow up my dream is to live in Hawaii or Portugal, I 'd love to own a house in a private area where I can go outside and enjoy the nature. I can picture a house on the beach with lots of windows to look at the waves hit the shore, and with lots of flowers all over the house. The size of my home should be 5 bedrooms and 4 restrooms, I would like to have my own little gym and a theater. My room with a view towards the ocean, a king size bed. My kitchen downstairs with a view, where I can enjoy cooking and looking outside. The patio filled with trees and plants, a walkway to the beach. The two people I 'd love to meet would be Julie Johnston and Francisco Román. Julie Johnston is a Professional soccer player who played for the United States women 's national soccer team, she is number 19 and her position is a defender. Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez is a professional soccer player who plays for Real Madrid, he is number 23 and his position is a

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