Success And Uccess: The Importance Of Success

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uccess is a buzzword which many people use to define their accomplishments. Many people view success as an achievement of a plan or a set of goals. Even though they know what success is, they are still not able to reach the goals they have set for themselves. What is the reason for this? Could it be their lack of proper planning or lack of effort to achieve their set goals? Sometimes their plans flounder because they were not thoroughly conceived or the implementation was done incorrectly.

At times, failure resulted from the human resources that were used to accomplish their plans. The people who were involved in achieving their plans might not have the requisite skills or experience. These are some of the reasons people fail to accomplish
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It is possible that your plans might still fail despite doing all that is required to achieve them. You might do everything that is necessary to achieve your plans, and yet your plans might still fail dismally. And if this is the case, what might be the reason behind your failure? Your plans will fail if you do not consider life in totality. Life is more complex than it may appear. You might do everything that is necessary to succeed but still fail. When you fail, the reasons might have something to do with what you failed to consider. Life is more spiritual than physical. Indeed, life looks to be taking place at the physical level of existence, but this is not reality. Your success will be determined by the spiritual realm of existence. The unseen spiritual forces will determine whether you would succeed or fail in your life. In the spiritual world, there are stumbling blocks that stand in your way, and there is also a spiritual enabler that wants to help you succeed in your life. The spiritual enabler is the spiritual force that works to support your plans. You are the one who must sit down and devised a plan of action, but you would not achieve your goals if the spiritual enabler does not support your plan. When the spiritual enabler does not work actively to support you, the spiritual stumbling blocks would hamper your achievement or

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