Greatness Is The Key To Success In Life

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Greatness is relevant to every individual. And so is success. Our measures of these two are determined by our goals in life. However, we notice that some peole are great at everything they do. The are high performers at work, they are great at parenting their children and they are financially successful. We all aspire to be like the same. I have observed a couple of these individuals in an effort to learn how they do it. We have access to the same resources and yet they are great. I have noticed that there are a few things that make these few people successful, and that you can use in your life.


Successful people have made discipline a major force in their lives. Whenever they make their mind to do something, they discipline themselves to do that thing until they become reasonably good at it. They set aside time to practice research, or practice. Yoou can do the same thing with your life goals. Once you are clear on what you want to become good at. then start doing something towards that goal. Th key is to start now and then work towards building on that. Whether your goal is career related or personal. you can achieve success if you become disciplined at it. I have seen this work well in my life towards in the area of fitness. Towards the end of last year, I realised
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Set baby steps for yourself and then work towards achieving it. For me, I set myself to walk for ten minutes every morning and evening and then hop on to a public transport the rest of the way. I achieved this for the first week. My body eased into it and i started walking further and further every week. Seven months in, I walk an average of twenty six thousand steps every single day. At first, you may feel like it is not worth it. LLike you are not good at it. Start anyway. You dont have to be great twhen you start but you have to start to be

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