Success In Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers Essay

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Success can come from many different variables, opportunities, and advantages. In Malcolm Gladwell’s novel, Outliers, Gladwell had popularized the theory that ten thousand hours of practice will eventually lead to success. Being the only factor, 10,000 hours of practice will not lead to success. In order to be elite and successful, you need other significant contributors in the equation.
In Outliers, Malcolm says that if you practice at least 10,000 hours you will be successful. He provides countless examples, but the most notable ones were Bill Gates, the Beatles, Billy Joy, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In each of the examples, Malcolm provides memorable parts of the beginning of their career where they each had the opportunity to have at least 10,000 hours of practice to become successful. In Outliers the author writes, “‘How much time did I spend there? Oh, a phenomenal amount of time. It was open twenty-four hours. I would stay there all night , and just walk home in the morning’… ‘We played seven nights a week’...he’d been programming
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Without an innate ability to help you get an advantage, the chances of getting successful is very slim. In the article “Your Genes Don’t Fit. W Why 10,000 Hours of Practice Won’t Make You An Expert” the author gives an example of the innate ability of Warren Buffett’s brain. In the article the author writes, “But he was born with a brain for business- a brain that would lend itself to number-crunching and risk-taking and opportunity identifying and all other skills that go into becoming the leading investor of his generation.”(Pg.1) The example correlates with my claim because it shows that because Warren Buffett had the instinctive capability of doing business. Having the mind for business, Warren Buffett was able to become of the successful investors of his
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