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“If you fall behind, run faster, never give up, never surrender and fight until the end”- Jesse Jackson. This concept of staying strong even when something hard and never let someone else get into your head has a direct relationship with Steve Jobs like no other. Steve Jobs shared how his biggest downfalls lead to his greatest peaks during his “Stanford 2005 Commencement Address.” Some may say that Jobs’ successes define him, however it was his challenges that defined him because it erected his love for calligraphy and technology, it fostered his creativity, and taught him to appreciate each day like it was his last.
Steve Jobs went to Reed College and dropped out during the first six months because, he thought that college was too expensive and he did not like the classes he was talking at the time. In this quote Jobs explains what success had resulted from being a college
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People recognized Jobs’ for what he ended up making and not for his challenges that led him to being triumphant. Jobs explains his philosophy on life when he states, “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you will most certainly be right” (3). This is one of Steve Jobs famous quotes. This quote means do what makes you happy because the next day you might not be here. Steve made this quote because he realized his life is short and priceless and nothing could ever get in the way of that. Jobs worked hard for 33 years and 6 valuable months: “I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer….it showed a tumor on my pancreas...the doctors told me that pancreatic Cancer is incurable” (3). In this quote Steve could not get death off his mind. He had surgery and was fine for a couple more decades. Throughout the remainder of his life this is what he practiced and it lead to great success despite

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