Success In Tim Burton Films

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Sinister, although it is a person or thing trying to bring harm or misfortune, sinister may get a bad rap considering a man who has made his career being sinister. Tim Burton is a director of many children movies, but the movie he makes aren’t exactly your average children’s movies. Burton is the master of making your average nice children’s movies into the most sinister children’s movies ever. Burton directed moves like Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In a majority of these Burton films, Burton chooses to portray a common theme that embracing your unique attributes is the ultimate key to success. Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, uses longshots in order to show just how different Wonka and Edward are from everyone else, but then how they use their uniqueness to ultimately succeed. For example, in the scene in Edward Scissorhands where Edward scratches up the walls, Burton chose a longshot to exaggerate Edward’s differences and make him seem to be even more of an…show more content…
Although she is a queen, she is still muchly hated around her kingdom and even the White Kingdom. Yet, both however, were very successful in their own ways. The Red Queen embraced her differences and turned them into a plus by making those unique qualities that are typical considered frowned upon, into qualities that are unique and beautiful. This showed to the viewer when Alice was infiltrating the Red Kingdom and she ate the cake that made her grow, and then the Red Queen accepted her solely because of her extra-large head. The Mad Hatter was an old psychopath who couldn’t fit in anywhere, but he figured out the only way to embrace his differences and used his talent of making hats to actually fit in. Burton tends to portray this common theme in a majority of his
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