Success In Walter Lee Younger's A Raisin In The Sun

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Throughout the decades, money has shaped and is still shaping the way we live. The statue of a person in a society, impression, and trust all surround the factor of how they are valued for. But more than this factor even self-pride and independence are important and define success. In the book “A Raisin in the Sun”, there is a big part of the money and the way it plays with all the characters involved. Walter Lee Younger, a passionate, ambitious and person with a big dream is shaken by poverty and is obsessed with business idea claiming ‘Life is money, money is Life’. Lena Younger, the mother of Walter, claims that real success lies in a person’s independence and dignity not always money. In Act ii Scene ii, the scene was sent to show Walter’s curiosity about the insurance money and wants to use it to invest in a liquor store with his friends. His eyes were on the money not about other things. He wanted all the money to start his business yet Mama wanted to use it for much a better cause that could actually improve the current situation in the Younger's house. Walter mentioned in a conversation about the check given with his mother that money was life saying, “No---it was always Mama. We just did not know about it.” His ideology was that money could bring the family properly and respect in the…show more content…
Walter believes that acquiring wealth is the best way for his family to prosper and Mama defines success as maintaining one’s independence and personal dignity. Each of their perspectives helps develop the story along even their different opinion have similarity between each other in some way of the story like their view the plot factor itself money, both believe that money is the key to happiness and success, Walter sees it as business profit and mama sees it as an own house for her and her family to live in

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