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Former british prime minister, Winston Churchill once said “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. Being successful isn't an easy thing to achieve. To get to your goal there will be obstacles that you will get over or fail the first time around and that's ok. But would you give up if you fail? In order to be successful there is a long journey you will have to go through to achieve your goal. Just like what Winston Churchill said “ success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm; which means that no matter…show more content…
Failure gives you a chance to look at the high and low parts in life. It also makes you learn from the mistakes that got you to the low part in life, and gives you a chance to analyze on what happened so that you won't take the same path again when you come across the same obstacle. Its ok to fail in life, because the more times you fail the better chance you have at succeeding in life. This results in having a better problem solving skills and more enthusiasm than a person who always succeeds. A person who always succeeds wont know how to get back up from failure and will be more likely to give up than someone who has experience with failing, as weird as that sounds. For example when I was a freshman I used to get very bad grades mainly D’s and low C’s. But throughout the years I have gotten better, freshman year was a low part of my life, but it taught me how to deal with a bad grade on a test and what ways of studying gives better results. This was a stepping stone to getting better grades and to have better study habits. Failure isn't bad, in fact it gets you closest to…show more content…
My cousin, Salma, always wanted to be a singer since she was a 10. She practiced all night and all day. The first day in high school there was a musical that she auditioned for but she didn't get in. she was devastated, but that didn't stop her. She kept singing and practicing, learning pop, classic and all sorts of music. She auditioned for the next part but still didn't get in. she went to choir teacher for help, she would stay with her teacher almost everyday till ten practicing her audition piece for the next musical in the following year. After two years of practicing she finally got in as the lead role in macbeth. But that didn't stop her from practicing, she still does and now she goes to east michigan and travels all over the U.S to sing at big events. Se even sang on the same stage as her favorite arabic singer. She never gave up, she kept trying no matter how many times she didn't make it into the play, she kept going. Her enthusiasm has kept her going to achieve her goal in life and now she's doing what she loves. Next month she'll be in new york to sing on stage at a

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