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The success profiler, an 84 question test that is used to show your own personal skills that you can improve, and work on. My first success profiler, when put into comparison with the one that I took now, I have improved in some areas, but declined in others. The success profiler has allowed me to see where I need to improve, and where I should continue to uphold the same score. The area that I improved the most in would be the self-esteem section. In contrast with this, the areas that I degraded the most would be in the interpersonal deference section, and the interpersonal aggression section. To begin, the improvements that I have made in the self-esteem section come from my own personal changes for the most part, with some outside influence. In accordance with my own personal improvement, I have started to believe in myself more, than I have before. This can be shown within the success profiler because my score went from being a 61, strengthen category to a 76, enhance category. Not only this, but certain people within my life have also had a huge impact on this improvement. This mainly includes my parents, and my siblings because they have helped me believe that I can do anything if I focus on the tasks at hand. My teachers at school have also helped me improve within this category because they help me work…show more content…
The success profiler at the beginning of the year has a higher score within the interpersonal aggression section. With the success profiler that I took in May, the score within this area has significantly gotten worse. I hope that I can improve in these areas because they are involved with dealing with other people, and making the right decisions with them. The biggest reason why I want to improve in this area is because within the future, I know that I will have to deal with a variety of people with different emotions and

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