Success: Success Is The Requirement Of Success

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Success is defined as the accomplishment of aim or purpose, the attainment of popularity or profit. Everyone has a different outlook as to what success is to them. Success, to me is to attain your specific goal and stay happy with it. Success is being in utter joy with your life choices and current state. I associate happiness with yellow. It is a bright, joyful color. It is happiness. Success looks like me with a husband, with a family, with a great job that I love. It smells like coming home to my kids and cooking with the love of my life. It tastes like a home-cooked meal. Success looks like obtaining the career I’ve always wanted. It feels like a dream and knowing that I’m making it better than most people can. After finding a new understanding of success and the factors and processes from another’s perspective in order to get there, I do believe that I will work harder and longer to reach my idea of success. I now know that I shouldn’t take my childhood for-granted because that’s where it all begins. The amount of work you put into school and education now can determine a majority of your future. In my earliest years of school i wanted to be the best in my class at everything from counting to putting patterns together. Honestly looking back now i don’t really think some of the other kids enjoyed me too much because of this. When i got to fifth grade i made it into the gifted program. I felt as though i had achieved my goal in life. I showed an obvious lack of concern
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