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If you started out without any connection, without any talent, without any capital, or feel that you don 't have the luck, it is alright. You can still achieve great success in life if you wanted to.

Success has nothing much to do with talent, education, connection or money. Success is more about bringing out the best in you to influence the world. As long as you are committed to strive for outstanding result than ordinary people out there, you can be successful.

It is said that success is a skill. Anyone can adopt it and prosper from there. Hence, adopt these 5 common characteristics of highly successful people and you will become one...

1. Successful People Are Go-Getter

They make things happen. Look at Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Richard
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They are proactive and they make things happen instead of waiting for instructions or waiting for things to come to them. They are the first to strike and to act. They seem to be able to turn things around and get things moving.

This is what you need to do as well. Be a go-getter, get things done, be proactive and don 't wait for things to happen to you to act.

2. Successful People Dare To Dream And Take Bold Action

If you study the success stories of all the great people out there, you will know that they have big dreams. Michael Jordan wanted to be the best basketball player, Steve Jobs wanted to revolutionize the whole computer industry and George Lucas wanted to do the first space war movie with Star Wars.

They dare to dream big. Not only that, successful people take bold action as well. Merely dreaming about what you want is not enough. You need to take action to make it happen. Too many people dream about their dreams, but they never really do anything to make their dreams a reality.

If your dream is not big enough, it will never motivate and drive you into taking action. And if you don 't take action, your dream will never materialize. So dream big and take bold
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