Successes And Failures Of Arms Control

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`Q.No.2 Elaborate different arms control measures. Elucidate their failures and successes. • Arms Control Arms control is a term to use for the restrictions upon the  Production  Development  Stockpiling  Proliferation and  Usage of small arm of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction. Arms control is a technique which is typically exercised and used through the use of diplomacy which imposes to such limitations on parties which are competing through international treaties and agreements. It may also enforce the non-contesting nations to bind to follow the limits.  A Short History After World War II, The UN was set up to permute world peace. The said body tried its best to achieve the objectives. For the said purpose many planned were made. • Baruch Plan 1946 In 1946, a plan which was known as Baruch Plan was proposed by UN. It was to control nuclear and other destructive weapons non-proliferation. To stop the arms race this effort was made. • Plan rejected by Russia This plan was rejected by Russia and all negotiations were failed. This was considered a failure initially and nuclear was spread. • International Atomic Energy Agency in 1957 In 1957, an international Atomic Energy Agency was established. President Eisenhower’s speech 1953 at UN General Assembly was proved a good gesture regarding it. This agency was established to promote peace and to remove the negative usage of nuclear energy. • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was signed in 1968

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