Successful Characters In The Film The Art Of Getting By

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Success is achieving something that you have set for yourself. Something you have set for yourself can be a long or short term goal. Do you want to work in a fast food place all of your life or in a factory that makes a little amount of money? The Art Of Getting By has several successful characters.

For example, George was always one to extol for his art he drew or painted. A group of his friends wanted him to draw for a party that was happening. George’s self esteem was always boosted because people complimented him on his drawings. George also gave his friends tips to expedite their drawing skills. George’s drawing skills helped him accomplish goals he set for himself. George helped himself succeed in his life because he got rid of all the negative toxic things in his life.

Another successful character is Sally, her and George liked to impress each other. Sally and George both do what they love to get closer to each other and eventually kiss. The biggest thing that helped Sally succeed was her dad and her dad came home once a year on a motorcycle. Love is a successful thing in Sally’s life, she was gonna move away but love with George brought her back. The love between them wasn’t meant to be dubious because of her moving away and she decided she wasn’t ready for the love to be hard.
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Dustin and George wanted to succeed and put on a show that others were interested in. Dustin and George decided to do this after George’s dad had the eviction notice on his office door, that helped George with a respite. Dustin also helped George and Sally’s relationship work since they both had things that got in the way of the relationship they were trying to work out. Dustin helped George succeed by helping him accomplish his goals by graduating even when George was doubting the thought of
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