Successful Experiances: Can One Grow?

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Author Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." This quote has been highly debated by those who believe that new experiances are vital to one 's development, and by those who belive that new experiances hinder one 's life. Trying to do something beyond what one have already mastered helps one grow because it makes one push himself, because it helps one gain lifelong experiances and lessons, and because it can bring failure into one 's life. Some may argue that trying new things does not help one grow because it intimidates and scares one from attempting anything new. While new experiances can be terrifying, one may grow by conquering that initial fear of…show more content…
Some may also argue that trying something new does not benefit people in any way because the fear of failure discourages people from attempting anything new. These people see failure as a synonym for shame, dishonor, and worthlessness. However, people do not need to fear failure because in reality, it brings about the drive and motivation to do better. If everybody knew this, nobody would fear failure, but rather, embrace it. As one can see, attempting new tasks helps one grow because it provides one with learning experiances on how to better handle new situations in the future. First and foremost, trying to do something beyond what one has mastered helps one grow because it pushes one to do better. Many times, the tasks that one has not mastered are more difficult. This increased difficulty requires harder work and more motivation. With this newfound drive, one will be able to accomplish new challenges in the future. Additionally, one can grow when attempting something new because one will need to conquer the fear of the unknown. In order to conquer this fear, one will need to push himself to not be fearful, but to move forward without anxiety. As one can see, pushing one 's self to be better can provide one with improtant
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