Advantages Of Dreaming Big

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Successful people dream big, even if a goal may seem extremely difficult to achieve.
Dreaming big is more important than being realistic because dreaming big allows people to invent new technology and set big goals that may initially seem unrealistic, but through dedication, are achievable. Society is able to progress because of the emergence of innovations like the light bulb and social movements like the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr.
For technology to advance, new inventions are necessary. Innovations only come about when new ideas are dreamed of and are realized. Thomas Edison is a very good example of a man who dreamed big and achieved what seemed impossible. He is credited with inventing the light bulb because he was the first to produce an efficient, cheap,
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In the real world, these people can only achieve a few solid accomplishments if they are lucky. On the other hand, logical people go after realistic ideas and goals, even though they may not approach an idealist’s high standards. They are more likely to achieve their goals when compared to idealistic people. Even though realistic people are better off with less risk of failure, taking the easy path is what most people in the world do anyway. Yet, those who have accomplished big things in history have veered from this path and tried something new. If one sets a far-reaching and inspiring goal and is dedicated to going after it, even if he doesn’t actually accomplish it, he will go further than he could have with any “realistic” goal.
Being realistic allows for a measured path to success, but it is the power of big dreams and dreamers that have had the most profound influence on human society. The world would be a lot dimmer and a lot less freer had it not been for the big dreamers with their bold and ambitious ideas.
As playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why
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