Police Officer Qualities

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What is a police officer? What is his work? How can a police officer be successful? There are many questions that come in the mind when someone speaks about such issue. A police officer is a person who catches criminals, enforces law, collects evidence, and tries his best to get the street harmless and safe for citizens. Everyone prefers to be a successful person in life, but it is differed to be a successful police officer, because he should have specific qualities such as skills, honesty, and respect.

As a police officer, he should have mainly trees types of skills: physical, education, and mechanical skills. First of all, starting with the physical skills, a police officer should have a particle degree of fitness, so he could perform duties
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Also police officer should always practice training ,on daily or weekly basis, so he could preserve his abilities and skills. Davis. (n.d.) mentions in his article “ 7 habits of successful police officer” that the police officer must physically and mentally fit at every times in order to effectively carry-out their duties ,” are required to pass routine physical exams and drug test “ and has an excellent vision “ 20/30 or better in each eye with or without corrective lenses”. Second the education and observation skills, a police officer should and must have? First, the police officer should have knowledge in different…show more content…
There is a way of behaviour which specifies some value of police officer. First of all, a very high focus can be on the honesty and integrity of police officer. According to the article “the police code of conduct “(1999). The writer says that the police officer should not make any false, or misleading. It is extremely important that people have faith and trust a police officer. Therefore, an officer should listen of people demands and be open when he is communicating with them. According to the same article the writer (1999) mentions that the police officer should also try to avoid obligation against any person or association or leak information. He must trustful, closed or secretive, and have honour to help all people. In addition, he has to be fair and a neutral person in all businesses when dealing with public and co-workers (team mate or friend), and should treat them politeness. Moreover, a police officer makes people’s life relaxed. Every person cares about his own safety and wants to feel tranquil. According to the same article the writer (1999) confirms that police officer is the one who provides this protection for people. Also a police officer should be careful and hard working in the performance of his duties. Moreover, a successful police officer should always obey the orders of officer for his safety and the society safety. Also a police officer should colleagues and combats any offensive behaviour. The
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