Successful Social Media Strategies Examples

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Successful Social Media Strategy Examples

We are living in an age where ‘social media addiction’ is an actual thing, with millions suffering from it. A simple blue and white web page that started as a university intranet link is now one of the biggest enterprises in the world, generating income worth billions. It’s difficult to enjoy a good meal without posting it out for your followers. Keeping up with the Kardashians has become much, much easier. Surely, social media has changed the way we live and look at the world.
With the number of new platforms and users increasing every day, it would only be immense stupidity for a business to not exploit these social media sites. Companies that made it to the top of the game are definitely not run by silly people, so here are a few examples of how some of them employed a social media strategy to rake in huge profits and publicity for themselves and their businesses. We are sure that by the end of the list of examples, you’ll be excited to try some of these media strategies for your brand too!
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The German wing of Fiat’s Twitter team came up with the idea of blocking anyone who follows the twitter account of their new car, Abarth 500. Why? Because according to them, the car was ‘too fast to follow’. Now I’m not sure if using this pun to block users was extremely lame or sheer genius, but one thing was for sure – it worked! Amazingly, being rude and blocking interested customers actually worked positively for them and soon more and more people started following the account, just so the guys at Fiat could block them. Also, since getting blocked prevented them from getting information about the car via Twitter, the customers got even more intrigued and researched for further information about the car via other means. A ridiculous tactic therefore gave rise to great

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