Successful Tennis Parents

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Do Tennis Parents Develop a Successful Leader? Successful leaders are generated through guidance, support, and patience. In the sports world, the parent-child relationship is one that can be highly stressful, especially at the most competitive level. The child can disagree with the parent’s advice on technique, strategy, preparation, and beyond. In the heat of competition, the child may pay unnecessary attention to the parent’s shift in body language following a mistake or missed opportunity. This could have negative impact on the child’s performance during that particular event. However, long-term parental involvement ultimately enables their child to become strong, independent leaders. Through the parent’s guidance, atheletes learn to have…show more content…
If this is healthy, they are gifted with people who are constantly giving them opportunities to be successful in the sport of tennis. Another argument Gladwell makes that agrees with this point is the correlation between good parenting and success. He discusses that there are several factors that should be accounted for when determining if one will be successful or not. He attributes the style of parenting one is raised with to be nearly as important as their IQ ability. This is important in showing how in order to be successful, one needs a supporting relationship with their parents. With this unconditional positive regard, a child is on route to having…show more content…
In fact it is often parents who offer inspriation for their children to play a sport in which the child enjoys. In an article where the communication goals of a parent and a child in tennis is discussed the author notes that, “All children are individuals, with different interests, needs and potential. As a parent you play a critcal role in helping your child enjoy their tennis journey and achieve their desired quote” (Knight, 2010). This excerpt from the article is crucial in showing the importance of finding methods and ways to manage the impact tennis has on your life and the relationship to your parents. While the importance of a parent always supporting and developing ther children in becoming leaders is grand, there also comes the responsiblity of the child himself/herself. With the varied opportunties every child child is given they must know to take advantage without the guidance of their parents. By taking advantage of several opportunities, a child has learned to be a great leader not only in tennis but also in life. A parents job in teaching their children is to be a role model for their children. “When children or adolescents decide to perform sports at a higher level, parental support is crucial. Parents are expected to provide substantial financial support and to accept greater constraints on family to enable their children to participate at a high level in their sports.”
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