Successure: Just The Most Important Failure In My Life

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I have experiences a myriad of failures,but in this essat I’m going to talk about just the most important failure that helps me to be clearer about my vision ,and objectives in life and my plans for futur. When I was at high school i wasn’t good at mathematics ,because is not easy to understand and I didn’t see any importance of it in my life, It has always been a problem for me . My favorite subject was always anything artsy. I always loved music theatre, and anything else having to do with art. My teacher said always that if you are good at music you are good at math.But not for me , class , math was hard for me because of all those numbers flying in my head, and takes too much time to solve and complicated , unfortunately I have some…show more content…
Overall, the first child, often so as not to lose the angry tears. Common responses, "No one is really the first time," "time and effort to get something really important," "Do not worry, you can get a best practices", and so on, including a parent. "He said .. if necessary, and any progress." Then clearly, the parents fault, do not waste can not succeed without the other first appearance, or just a step on the road to success . Success is getting something you want or expect, as defined by the achievement of wealth, fame, or vaurautta.Virhe is defined as a small error or fault. We all know someone who might belong to one of these categories. We can also someone who can adapt to the groups, as well as failure and success to know. There may be different aspects of human life, to shape the vision of the onnistuisi.Erittely life may reflect a failure. I often do not judge people in my life one way or another, the success or failure is, even if I show some examples of my definition of two antaa.Esimerkiksi that happen to someone, your dentist might. He went to school at eight years of work he loves. Not only eight years of college to take the hard work, it also needs motivation. After completing the college needed to be a great success. Not everyone can do what the dentist is doing, but because it was his goal, he completed his performance a…show more content…
Actually, the way I see the problem is that we started well, although we seem to have made a mistake or fail. Increases knowledge and wisdom so that we can overcome obstacles and have a better and brighter future. I think the failure of a better teacher than success. The failures are not random things. We do, provoke them. This means that we can learn ways to avoid the future and realize our mistakes. Moreover, as is a deviation, just like when the new road, which leads to a different location from the original destination. But along the way, you can get more benefits . I believe that the determination and the first

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