Succinyl Coa Lab Report

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Introduction Enzymes regulate the biochemical processes in various organisms. The enzymes catalyze reactions and at times help with the generation of the ATP, which is an energy source. Among the enzymes of biological importance is the succinyl CoA synthetase. The essay focuses on the structure, functions, and relations of succinyl CoA synthetase.
The molecular weight and the subunit structure
Succinyl- CoA synthetase enzyme is a heterotetramer with both an alpha and beta subunits. The alpha subunit is made of ten helices and a14 beta strands. The beta strands are in groups of seven, which lie parallel forming sheets. One of the strand lie antiparallel to the others in each sheet. The sheets are sandwiched by helices resulting to a double
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Through this process there is limit and link between citric acid cycle activity and the stretch of withdrawal of axaloacetate for the process of nucleogenesis. High energy phosphate bond is generated by the action of succinyl CoA synthetase on succinyl CoA to produce succinate fromm the succinyl CoA and the end result is formation of GTP from GDP. The reaction is reversible with phosphate and magnesium ion as cofactors(Rao, 2006). The cleaving of thioesters bond of succinyl CoA by the enzyme produces sufficient energy for the formation of GTP from GTP and phosphate. A molecule of the ATP is formed from the ADP and GTP to GDP in the presence…show more content…
coli reacts with the CoA affinity. The synthesis of succinyl CoA is thought to occur at an active binding site in the case of E. coli. If ATP binds at the second active site, there is formation and release of the Succinyl CoA at the initial site. Binding of ATP at the second site causes the site to undergo phosphorylation. ATP, magnesium ions, the enzyme, and phosphate incubated in the presence of hydroxylamine trapping succinyl CoA and pyruvate kinase-lactate dehydrogenase ADP. Under these conditions, phosphate-succinate exchange would be a measure of the interaction of phosphate is a measure of the interaction of the phosphate with the enzyme bound succinyl CoA synthetase before the enzyme is released(Toone,

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