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Sucralose (Splenda) Sucralose has been proven to worsen diabetes, abort pregnancies, and toxify the liver and kidneys. These are unmistakable signs that sucralose is an extremely dangerous substance, but it is the least-studied artificial sweetener. It is one of the more recent additions to the diet industry. One of the reasons for sucralose 's fast-track approval is because aspartame cannot be used in baked foods, for it breaks down at high temperatures into toxic substances, as it does during metabolisis within the human body. Sucralose was hailed to be a better alternative for cooking, but it releases chloropropanols when heated, which are toxic chlorine byproducts. A 2008 study by Duke University titled, Splenda Alters Gut Microflora and…show more content…
In 2005, researchers at the Ramazzini Foundation in Bologna, Italy conducted such a study. The study found that rats exposed to aspartame starting at 8 weeks of age, and continuing throughout their lives, developed leukemias, lymphomas, and kidney tumors. In 2007, the same researchers published a follow-up study that exposed rats to aspartame beginning in the womb and continuing throughout their lives. It found that aspartame caused lymphomas, in addition to mammary (breast) cancers. In 2010, the group exposed test mice to aspartame while they were still in the womb again, and made the startling discovery that the mice developed liver cancers and lung cancers…show more content…
In 1997, the diet industry began seeking permission to remove the warning label from saccharin products. As a Christmas present to the chemical industry, the U.S. Congress passed another law specific to helping it on December 21st, 2000, wherein it removed the mandatory warning label requirement for saccharin. Around the same time, the Canadian Government unlisted saccharin as a carcinogen too. The revisionist history now states that the original studies which proved saccharin 's dangers were flawed, because the biological mechanism that caused cancers in rats may not necessarily appear in humans. Even if this were true (and it is not), it ignores the fact that numerous studies since have proven the human cancer risk. The link between saccharin and kidney failure in humans has also been repeatedly established, as well as the tendency of saccharin to cause bladder cancers. Infants who are fed saccharin develop muscular disorders, alongside irritability, and

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